Pronounce Kyrie?

Kyrie…Working on this kit. But have no idea how to pronounce the name. Does the y sound like sky or like ear? :thinking:

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Following… I’ve been calling her “Kye-ree,” but now that you questioned it I keep singing that song from the 80’s:

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I think it’s pronounced KY-REE. At least that’s how I’ve been saying it :laughing:


I say Keer-ree when I read it…

But I think it is Kai- ree

Maybe @bountifulbaby can tell us how the real baby’s name is pronounced?


I’ve been saying KY ree. But then I looked at my Kyra kit. I pronounce her name “Kira.” Then if dawned on me…I’m probably pronouncing both names wrong. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hahaha. I say Keer-ra… but not sure how it is supposed to be lol

Until 2 hours ago, I was calling her Kye-ree and I hadn’t given it a second thought, but this has become oddly important to me. I’m at work, and I keep checking in. I need to know! :rofl:


Right? Now that it has dawned on me that it could be pronounced multiple ways it’s going to drive me crazy til I know which way is right! :grimacing:


I’ve always heard it pronounced kehr-ee-aa 3 syllables in church
Like this without the rolling R

But some people pronounce kehr-ree or kye-ree

I listened to that one. Then I listened to several more pronouncing the same name. Some say it one way, some say it the other way. All YouTube did was confuse me even more. :grimacing:
Hopefully bountiful babies will tell us how this particular Kyrie is pronounced. She’s too cute for us not to know the correct way for her.


I’ve always said KY-REE.

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I call her Keerie too.

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I think 3 syllables is the classic way​:slight_smile:️. Still doesn’t answer your question but I like that way :heart_eyes:

I’ve been pronouncing it KiiiReeee :rofl:

My daughter babysits a little girl name Kyrie. They call her KI-REE. I have a hard time not pronouncing it Kee ree ay. Based on the Kyrie Gregorian chant from my Catholic upbringing. LOL

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I thought it was Kai-Ree. XD

I was thinking like Sky ree

Im saying Keerie as well.

@bountifulbaby please help us! We need to know how to pronounce her name. :weary:

We pronounce it “Kye-ree”. Here is a Youtube clip showing the pronunciation of her name: How to Pronounce kyrie - American English - YouTube