Probably a stupid question

So last week we finished remodeling our kitchen.
We put in a gas stove… I have never used a gas stove oven to bake my kits…
With the flame and such, is this even possible? Any thoughts? Tips? Ideas?

If I should use a conventional oven (??) what would you recommend? Only problem is though, I need something fairly low priced as I don’t have $100 to spend on an oven at this time…

Help! )

I got a convection oven from wal mart for fifty, works great, the next one up was eighty.

Hmmm… Is Ollie’s online?

Oh perfect! Thank you!!

I use a turkey roaster! Just make sure to get an oven thermometer and I bake my kits for longer too. About 12 mins.

**edit- the extra time is what I give to for the oven to heat back up- each turkey roaster might be different, this is just what works for me

Thank you for the tips and ideas!!