Prismacolor job

So today I did the first job with prismacolor that I’m proud of. It’s meant to be a blonde

If I can ask a question, how do you guys get prisma to stick to the vinyl? If I matte first, the lines come out thick and gritty looking


I do varnish first, but you have to keep the pencil very sharp.

If you are using Genesis do like @EnchantedOrphanage says. If using air dry I usually use something with a bit of tooth…like I will mix 1 part Liquitex matte gel with 2 or 3 parts water and then varnish after the prisma. I also have used RebornFX sealer. I use a white prisma to tip my finger and toe nails so its easier to put a bit of the sealer on them so the pencils stick better.

Do you think satin varnish would work better? Thanks for your response

I use genesis! But thank you for your response

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That is a great job! I can’t even get my Prisma to mark the vinyl at all. I seal and bake twice and still nothing. Just recently I was able to draw hair but Idk what I did because I haven’t been able to do it again. Lol

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It’s beautiful!