Prismacolor hair help

Do you pounce anything on before the prisma? Mine will not write on a smooth surface… and if it does it is not a fine line

I don’t varnish before using Prisma either - just draw on the painted head. When using Genesys, after I’m done drawing the hair, I then mix up Genesys thick medium, Genesys thinner and a touch of whatever color I used for the hair and apply it lightly with a small, fine fan brush following the lines of the drawn hair.

This is my Levi that I did:

Presley asleep



No I just draw right over top of the paint- I use baby fx airdry. I did have more pencil come off than I wanted one time(after varnishing), so I mixed some liquitex matte gel and water and pounced that over top, then added more prisma.


Lovely painted hair!

@Granna I couldn’t get the prisma pencils to work. Painting and penciling is different for everyone. I would get a couple of pencils just to see how they work for you as I am in the minority here, lol. :upside_down_face: I also used them for these lips.


Love the lips ! Lips are so hard to me ! So did you use prisma or derwent pencils ?

Your hair painting is beautiful! I hate rooting so I have got to figure this out lol!

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I only use derwent inktense pencils!

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I am not very good at hair as this is only my 3rd reborn. I was able to achieve this hair by drawing directly on the paint. I used prismacolor light umber and dark umber


That’s the ones Iam talking about lol . What colors do you use on creases lips and hair

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That looks awesome !

I think what you have looks good. Keep going. I use air dry and paint my hair with a very fine brush. When I tried pencils, the color lifted off when I applied the sealer.

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I can’t get my prisma pencils to glide on head unless I varnish :grimacing:, And my biggest problem is getting it to look the same on both sides of head, I guess the pattern of the hair​:crazy_face:

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@Granna I was trying to find the list that was given to me but couldn’t find it. Here is a little info and a list of the colors I have. That is the best I can do.

Derwent Inktense
Crimson, Saddle Brown which is orangish, Madder Brown, Black, Dark Chocolate, Phlato Blue

Faber Castel
Medium Flesh, White, Walnut Brown, Scarlet Red

If I find the list I will post it.


Learned this using watercolor pencils with Ana. It wasn’t drawing correctly until I primed.

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Second post I ever saved! Thanks!

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Ok I ordered me some pencils fro brink do I need to varnish underneath these pencils?

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Sometimes I do sometimes I don’t. It depends on what I am creating.

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So they will go on smoothly without it?

What do you sel with afterwards

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Deco Art Soft Touch Varnish then I gloss the lips with Waterborne air dry gloss, mod podge matte or pledge floor care finish! Depends on the look I am going for. Waterborne is the most shiny so I use it for slobber and tears.

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