Prisma Pencil problems

When I sharpen a prisma pencil, they break or are loose. How do you all get them really sharp without breaking. I have a sharpener that is for them but it does not help.


Are you rotating the pencil or the sharpener? I grew up rotating the pencil but with the Prisma color pencils, you are supposed to rotate the sharpener. Ever since I started doing this, I end up with less broken pencils. Of course, try not to drop them because the color inserts break easily even though they look perfect on the outside.


I had to use a battery operated pencil sharpener.

I bought a 3 pack of those little red handheld general sharpeners and they work great!

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There is a chance that your pencils have been dropped. If so, you may need to buy new ones. Sometimes you can get past the breaks and use the rest of the pencil. This shouldn’t be a problem with all your pencils though. Sharpen them gently with a hand-held metal sharpener. Do you have the one made for them? Don’t push too hard on the pencil when you are sharpening it, and don’t sharpen it in a sharpener where the hole is too big for the pencil.


I do have the sharpener made for them and I have tried rotating the sharpener. Maybe they have been dropped. I did not know that would break them up.


I went to office depot yesterday and bought a really good electric pencil sharpener. My prisma pencils are like spears now but there sure is alot of waste to get there using an electric one.

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I have a small battery one. It stops sharpening as soon as it has a sharp point. I got it from the dollar store.

Dollar General? Is it a certain brand?

Carmen, that is so good to know! I stopped used Prisma color pencils because they were breaking all the time and the lead was falling out. I also have a sharpener made for the Prisma pencils, and will try sharpening them by rotating the sharpener.