Prisma or painted blonde hair, pictures please

Does anyone have pictures of a baby that has blonde hair done with prisma or painted hair. I would like to do some on this little Pretty Princess with some mohair on top of it. Any pictures would be greatly appreciated?


What you asking for is on my too do list!!! I’m just waiting for my blonde mohair. A blonde painted hair with Prismacolor pencils is on my to do list!!! I will attempt it soon and share!!

Thank you, I just can’t figure out how to make it look blonde

Thank you, I’ll give it a try

I did prisma hair with the cream color, but rooted over. I liked it in just pencil though. I should of taken a picture!

UOU can’t see the prisma… But it’s there!


Beautiful job Nikki, :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️ This is for my Great Niece and she is only 6, so I don’t want to do a lot of mohair (although I’d love to) but I just can’t seem to make it look good.

Did you try the cream prisma pencil?

I did, but I think I’m just being heavy handed, I have a tendency to put lots of hair no matter what kind it is. It was coming out like the baby had a helmet on LOL

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I love how they look, I’ll have to get me one of that color. The nails look so clean and perfect…thank you very much for sharing. Oh, love you little one as well, great job❤️

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Thanks for all the tips, can’t wait to try them

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Found this baby for sale on eBay and I have to say this is the best painted blonde hair that I have seen. Hope it’s ok to share the pic’s…I did not paint this baby, she is however for sale on eBay.



Bump! Look at this blonde hair!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️