Prisma hair pointers and other stuff

So I want to put Prisma hair on Eathen only problem Eathan has already been sealed and glossed. I read somewhere that you can’t put them in the oven after they’ve been glossed, is this true? If so how can I get the gloss off? Also does anyone have any pointers for beginners with Prisma hair?

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I have baked paper glaze (if that’s what you use) SOOOO MANY times. Varnish is good! You actually need to varnish in order for the prisma pencils to go on smooth and thin.


As far as tips, use a super sharp point. Electric sharpeners can get sharpest but eat pencils much, much faster than little handheld sharpener. I ended up doing the latter.

Bake as you go or it’ll start to smear

Sometimes parts of vinyl just won’t accept pencil. In that case wet either pencil or head very slightly with water and Try again.

Many people varnish first to create a tooth for the pencil to adhere to, but I’ve done a few dolls without varnish. I had used look alive though, which created a little tooth.

If you do varnish first, keep it real thin or pencil can go down like crayon. (It can be too textured.)

Some colors totally change once baked. there are charts on this forum showing specific colors and differences

Don’t be afraid to experiment and mess up because it wipes off (before baking).

Use “premier” type of prisma color

There are some awesome painted hairs on this forum. IMO the best way to learn is to try and copy them a few times.


You can always apply your prisma hair and seal with DecoArt Soft Touch Varnish. It’s air dry so no need for anymore baking :slight_smile:

Tip- wetting the tip of your pencil helps it to write easy and smooth :wink:


My biggest prisma tip is to go over your entire head of hair with a very light touch first. You can darken it as much as you choose in subsequent layers. That first, light “painting” gives you your overall hair pattern and is easy to wash off and make changes. Once you have established your hair pattern, it’s easy to add more depth. This is how I work. I’m sure there are as many ways to do this as there are artists doing it. Also have a clear idea of what you want your hair to look like. I like to have a photo or two around that show what I am aiming for. And as was said above, keep the pencil sharp. I only use a hand held sharpener. If you use an electric, you will just be feeding it pencils, LOL.