Princess pug eyes

I bought one of those pugs and had so much trouble putting the eyes in. I tried from the front no way was that happening. I always put the eyes in while fresh from the oven and from the front. I have small hands and have issues inserting form the back. But I cut them and whacked the heck out of the eye sockets. But they are not coming out so I could keep them still to glue them. HAs anyone else had trouble with this? I have one more to do but I guess hubby will be doing those.

We always recommend inserting from the inside. And using hemostats to do it.

If you insert eyes from the front, you run a higher risk of splitting the vinyl. This is true regardless of the doll.

Bountiful Baby

i always put mine in from the front but the princess pug’s is a bear …it ruined the paint on mine it was so hard to do…might try it from the back but they realy should let ppl know that the pug is tuffer…sage