Princess Adelaide clothes and shoes size?

What size clothes does Princess Adelaide wear? I’m trying to figure out if I need to buy her a layette or if I have something that will fit.

I bought two outfits one was 0-3 months and one was 3-6 months and they both fir her well, I did not buy her any shoes. Adelaide is only 22" but she has a very square body.

Thanks! I’m going to get a different body for her, I hope it looks better.

Depends what body you use. I used the body from MacPherson. It made her 23 inches standing on those tippy toes. I bought her a 3-6 month onesie and it was snug, but plenty long enough…

I also put her in this size 6 month Feltman Bro bubble. But we all know bubbles can fit a wide range of sizes.

And finally, I put her in a size 6-9 month sleeper. It was a little baggy but I liked the fit and didn’t want to have to go shopping for other sizes. :wink:
So, basically she’s like a typical fat baby. She needs larger clothes to look comfortable. :grimacing:


How does she stand on her tip toes? It seems that she would not have enough foot on the floor to balance.

She has no problem standing on them. The foot is sculpted just right to balance on her toes. That was a big selling point for the kit.

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And she has to be leaning against something anyway…at least a hand touching something. She doesn’t stand unassisted…mine didn’t anyway. But I just used a homemade armature. I don’t know if she can stand alone with the right armature. But structurally, she stands like any other standing toddler kit.

Thanks for that info. I have not made a toddler yet, and I am not looking to in the near future. However, I think they are so precious. I love they way people pose them, looking out windows, etc… just like real toddlers. :slight_smile:

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After Adelaide, all I can think about is toddlers. I’ve been tempted to pull out my Emmy kit. But I just bought a Liam Brown kit from a forum member. So I’m going to pick him up from the mailbox Monday and immediately bathe him and get him ready to paint. Then I have so many other toddlers on my wishlist. :heart:

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Such a fat little baby girl. I definitely have to make her next.