Prince George

I received an email from MacPhersons this a.m. showing a preorder for Prince George by Ping Lau. Has anyone seen it? The do not say how much the doll is in total and all it shows is his head, no limbs or what type of body. Does anyone know if anyone else will be carrying this pre-order (in the USA)? Thanks for the help.

I saw that too. In the drop down menu it says if you want to pay the total you pay the $30 plus $69.90 I believe. So basically $100. I wish they would give more details as well because that baby sure has a cute face. And the doll is supposed to be 23 inches…so he is a big one like I like lol.

Has anyone ordered kits from this place? I have only bought from BB.


Hi Mandy, I did buy a paint from MacPhersons once but the thing I don’t like is they DO NOT let you know how much the shipping is. That’s a real pain as far as I’m concerned. I have heard from others that there shipping isn’t too bad, but still I would like to know. If you buy $200 or over the shipping is free to the USA. Thanks for your response, I will go look at the drop down menu.

I have ordered quite a few kits from them. Im fairly close though, right across Lake Ontario, so shipping isn’t that bad. Here is what ping said about Limbs on Facebook:
Ping Lau: I believe he will have the same limbs as the Chun-Mei kit from Dolldreams. I don’t have a sample yet myself.
She said he is $99.00
I preorderd just because of the great likeness, its amazing…and I have the cutest Christining outfit already for him…lol

Do these kits come with any extras since they are so expensive? Will he come with a COA or something? That is just a lot to me for a kit that might even share limbs with another doll LOL.

I looked up the Chun-Mei on DollDreams and that kit wasn’t there. It is however on MacPhersons and I didn’t like those limbs AT ALL. They are Straight and have a very Stiff look to them. The arms are very straight, and the legs look to be completely straight also. I think she should make some other limbs or at least put a bend in them. I think the doll is going to look like a little robot with such stffl looking limbs. That’s too bad cause his face is adorable. Maybe you could buy some cuter limbs for him but that means more money. Maybe someone on Facebook could make that suggestion to her???

I just emailed them to see about limbs…I don’t like the Chun-Mei limbs either. Hope they may issue a refund based on lack of details if that is the case…if not ill order different limbs.

I liked the likeness also, I almost took the plunge but changed my mind. I’m committed to 8 other preorders with seven of those needing pay off, so I’ll have to pass :flushed:

I COULDN’T RESIST. I ordered Prince George last night. Yes, I order from Macpherson’s all the time. they are great.


Thanks for your input, I looked to see if I could find some other limbs for him and there doesn’t seem to be any that are for 23 inch. There is all sizes leading up to it and also bigger than it, but NOT 23 in. Would 22 work? The only problem I see there is the 22 is usually listed as 20-22 and I’m thinking that might be too small? See what you can find,

Dolls by Sandi has 22-23, and Sweet Pea is 23. So if all else fails,and those indeed are the Chun Mei limbs, guess you could go those routes.

Wow, guess I missed the ones on Sandies. I thought about another doll with limbs that would fit too. Thanks for all you input.

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Mac’s is one of the top places I buy from. They are friendly. Fairly priced. Usually very prompt.

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I’m thinking about ordering from them, never had before. I’m seeing so many that I want. Did you see they now have a layaway?

Irresistibles will have him also .

I order from Irresistibles occasionally when I absolutely cannot find a product somewhere else, but her prices are so much higher than everyone else that even with the shipping costs I can get it cheaper from another supplier. I knew she was a bit higher but it really hit home when I was buying Baby FX paints and found that she was selling the individual paints for $11.99 a bottle ($14.99 on Ebay) while the other suppliers, including Melissa George, sell the identical product for $7.99 a bottle. Its the same with everything she sells, so I try to buy elsewhere whenever possible.

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I shop around also, but sometimes, I go for customer service instead. Esther has never let me down. Answers questions right away,works with me if I need a “special” order, and usually ships same day.
I order from a lot of different places that I’ve actually had to contact to get them to ship after at least five days. Customer service does go a long way.

@adutt I didn’t mean to indicate that there is something wrong with Irresistibles. Esther is great and Irresistibles is a trusted supplier. I have ordered from her many times and have always been happy with the product, the excellent customer service and the quick shipping time. I just try to be as frugal as possible without sacrificing quality, so if I can get the identical product for significantly less money I prefer to do so.


Oh I agree!! I love dolls so real coupon codes she gives when you purchase something. No one else does that. Every little bit helps. I was just saying, when I need something right away,or something out of ordinary, I know I can go to Esther and not have a problem, or have to wait.


I don’t see any sign of him on Irresistabkles yet, Does anyone know if he is going to be a limited edition or just an open quantity, because if that is the case then why pre-order? I REALLY DON"T LIKE THOSE LIMBS they are going to use, does anyone know for SURE if the Chun-Mei limbs are going to be used?