Primary Method Recommendations for Color Correction, Please

I usually put several layers of white as a base on my kits before I start painting, to cut back peach and orange and create a more neutral base, but I forgot to do this with Johannah. I was out of practice, not having painted a kit for 6 months since making a big move to another part of my state. I have done a lot of correcting on her but the peachy color keeps coming back through. If you use the primary color method, how would you go about cutting back the orange? What colors and in any particular order? Thanks!

I would have started with a mint wash to tone down the peachy orange color. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 washes but it will look very neutral. Not sure what to recommend for color correction in this case. Could you share pictures?

I would post pics but the light is so bad today with gray skies that she wouldn’t look accurate. It’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow and I will try a mint wash. Thank you!

I would do purple or blue wash for orange/peach correction. You can also achieve that with skipping 1-2 layers of yellow.

I do not neutralize BB kits at all. It may be that your yellow or red or both are a bit too strong.

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Peach is a combination of red and yellow. SO you need hues of blue to correct this. My favorite is a Periwinkle blue color. Lavender often will work as well if you are looking for something with a white undertone. Just keep in mind that any use of white will add opacity to your skin tone making it less translucent. Thus I recommend only minimal usage to maintain a skin tone that is life like.

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I hardly ever add much yellow to a kit unless it needs it, because I feel it makes a kit go more orange too easily. My Johannah came with more of a peach tone to her vinyl. I hate orange and always like to neutralize it down, but totally forgot to this time. I had fixed her a few layers back with some purple but after I blushed her, the blush areas came out more orangey and I want to cut that back.

That sounds like a nice color. I thought about putting a blush wash on her but am so afraid it will darken her down more. I want her to be a little more on the fair and pink side.

Has anyone ever had an issue with areas of the vinyl (mostly on the face) turning an orange-brown after doing several thin purple washes?

She looked like this in natural indirect light, before reddish pink blushing.

Especially over her nose and center forehead. In areas where blushing was placed, some of the peachiness came back through, like this:

The peach and peachy-brown tones show up even more on overcast days. Does anyone else notice that?

Noticed she doesn’t look as peachy in the bottom photo as in person.

I think she’s beautiful!!! Real babies have so many color variations that you cannot really go wrong. Her skin tone is very realistic!

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Thank you! :blush: