Primary Method Artists - can I get your help?

I am wrestling with Drew Ann here… I had a vision for a baby with many pink tones and messed up her poor little face along the way. I like the limbs and where they are going, but what can I do to make her face less red and purple? More yellow maybe? Or do I just need to take a break and come back with fresh eyes?

I would personally roll with it and add paint to her limbs to bring them up to the color of her head. Once they all match again, I would decide which direction to take it.

The funny thing about these babies is that sometimes they decide what they want to look like, and it’s not what we had initially envisioned.

It’s also important to remember that every kit goes through phases on their way to becoming an eventual reborn. I’ve had some scary, embarrassing, and downright ugly WIPs turn out to be some of my favorite babies in the end. Sometimes you just have to trust the process.


You’re right, she’s just going through a little phase and I should trust the process more. Thank you, I get so nervous working with the primary method sometimes and just needed the reassurance to keep going!

Try a few mint green washes.

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Oh I’ll try that in the morning when I have sunlight again! The limbs and face now match, so it should bring everything down if I’m reading the color wheel correctly.

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The thing when going for a pink tone is to use all 3 colors, but less layers of yellow (maybe 1-2). Light mottling (pink, blood red, blue and purple) help with the transparency of the skin, as well as the blue undertones. You will have to dilute very well your color to not get the baby dark too fast.


I will have to try it when I’m more experienced, thank you for sharing how it is done!

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Updated pictures because she is coming along nicely now and I just need to trust the process and the color wheel lol! I know it’s science, but sometimes science feels a little bit like magic when it comes to painting

Before getting an aqua-ish wash

After the aqua wash

After another full round of red/yellow/blue

More pictures of her after the last round

Okay last one, and a big thank you to all of you on here for helping and teaching!


Looks good!

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