Primary colors

I’m going to try the primary washes on my next baby but not sure what colors to use. .I’ve seen yellow, red and blue but I don’t know what shades, there are different shades of each. .anyone know which I need?

I used genesis blue3. genesis red 2 and primary genesis yellow don’t know the number label off. You can use any shades of the 3 they will be darker.



I have red, ultramarine blue and of course vein blue…no yellow

youll need yellow, vein blue is dark, guess would depend if you are doing caucasion or aa.

ill be making him caucasion…what blue do i need?

If you click on the link I posted above, it tells you the colors for aa, yellow orche

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Responded to wrong post, but you would use Genesis yellow

ok thank you

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You welcome

@Michelle58 Gorgeous color how many washes to get to this stage ?

I did not keep track. It was quite a few. Alternated with light mottle of a lt maroon a lt purple a lt blue and yellow. Then red blue yellow wash. Bake every 3 washes.

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