How much would you expect for this Violet? Just wondering because she isn’t selling as quickly as my previous dolls. I made her more pale than I would have liked.

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Thank you, I’m glad you like her. She is bald at the moment, I am just now figuring out rooting hair. I’m almost done with my second rooted baby. I have hey listed on (because I still have some time left on my first paid month), eBay and multiple Facebook groups. I have been asking $185, and that is with 2 outfits, pacifier, blanket, certificate, care sheet. I was thinking about giving her hair… Maybe I’ll just do it.

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Some doll just take ages to sell. Last year about October/November I listed Juliet; I thought she was gorgeous, but there was not much interest in her. Every now and then I would take her out of the box and look at her again, and and always came to the same conclusion: she was one of the best I made. Yet, my other dolls sold for good price, and she sat there for 7 or 8 months, I put her price ridiculously low and then back up again, and she still sat there, and then somebody bought her and was over the moon. Your baby is just waiting for the right buyer :smile: I would maybe take more photos, and add them to the listing, choose different gallery pic; that sometimes help…

I’m zero help on the pricing game. I haven’t sold any of my dolls at that price range but then I have only made about 30 dolls and about half were for myself or friends. My highest was $150 recently. I think part of it was that until now I was using air dry which most people aren’t as familiar with and the fact I have no patience to list them over and over. So to me, asking $185 for your baby is not too much with the accessories that you are offering. It sounds like you have a good layette (something that also adds to your costs) and if you cut anything, then people are even less likely to bid. But I do agree with calimel about hair being expected, even super sparsely rooted. I root thickly due to my preference but have made a few with less hair so again I’m not a big help with convincing you to go bald with her!

If you want the cold hard truth, there are so many reborns on the market that it is a waiting game now unless you are willing to sell at or below cost. With the exception of some of the better known artists. I know that we could do like calimel suggests and hold out for at least a little profit but there is always someone who is just trying to sell for cost that will take a little less. And yes, I’ve done that just to get rid of some. I just don’t see this as a viable money making career for 99% of the people making these babies. With most lately, it seems like people are only making $20-$50 on most of the dolls…or maybe I’m just discouraged about selling. So you have to decide if you want a quick sale at a lower price or the aggravation of listing over and over. Yeesh, I sound discouraging tonight. Maybe I just need to go to a corner and cuddle a doll…

Don’t dare lower your price! Even as a baldie, she is worth at least what you’re asking. Take the suggestions changing things up (more pictures, etc). Some have changed genders when their babies don’t sell but I can’t picture this one as a boy :smiley: I have 2 right now that I decided they would stay with me if I can’t sell them for what I’m asking because I have too much time and money invested in them.
Also I agree with Mel about selling too low and people expecting them to all be that low. I have dealt with that more than once myself. I made NO money on my first babies (because I was learning). Now repeats want that same low low price again. :frowning:
Hope your sweet girl finds her mommy soon. Don’t be discouraged in the meantime.

Actually, I just sold a doll that was sitting on eBay for few weeks. After giving the advice above, when the listing ended, I did not re-list immediately; I slightly re-worked the listing and shuffled the pics around choosing different gallery shot. I was also going to add more photos into the template, but she sold before I got around taking them :smile:


I took her off of eBay, and I am rooting some adorable strawberry blonde hair on her. Thanks for all the information and help everyone! I’ll post pics with her hair when I am done.


Dont forget to show wip pictures! We love pictures.