Pricing help please - Is $350 too much?

Hi there, I’m still fairly new and want to make sure I’m pricing correctly. I know there isn’t one right answer but please give me opinions on what you would price this doll at. I am also open to any critiques on the painting.

Thank you!!!


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Sorry lighting isn’t great. One more pic that didn’t upload.

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I would suggest between $200 - $225 if you want to sell.

May I ask what is wrong with her body? Is it a belly plate under the onesie?


No it’s just a cloth body. She’s very floppy, I didn’t put a ton of stuffing in.

She’s cute but with time I know your babies will get cuter. I think something that would really elevate her realism and increase the price you get for her would be to focus on shading, creasing, and blending.

If you look at her hand, there is no sense that her fingers are independent of each other. Your creasing on her legs looks pretty good from what I can tell, but your creasing on her arms looks a tad harsh. If you blend it out a bit it will look more natural like shadows from baby fat rolls and give her more dimension.

In her face, I think the brows are placed pretty well for the most part and that can be a struggle for some people so well done. :+1:

It’s really a matter of preference and there are buyers for every type of baby, but don’t be afraid to add more color to the face in the way of shading or even just mottling.

Her nails are pretty glossy. You can cut the gloss by pouncing it with a cosmetic wedge before it dries. Of course, if you prefer the glossy look there are buyers out there for everything.

Lastly I would recommend blending out the blushing patches on her knees in the future. There should be a more gradual transition between them and the rest of the leg.

She is really cute and you should be proud so I hope I’ve not discouraged you in any way. I’m only offering advice to help you grow in your art. :two_hearts:


This is great feedback I really appreciate it!


This is the kind of knee blushing that might be seen on a baby old enough to crawl, but not so much on a newborn.
Just something to consider.
I agree on Yelena’s opinion on price. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you :blush:

I didn’t wanted to get into the painting details, but since details for improvement was listed here already by @TrinityCrystal I would like to add one more - I only see your baby forehead veins and they are too thin and too sharp to look like veins. They look like random lines, unless those are the random lines :wink:

But overall you are on the right track, just not $350 baby yet, but I am sure that next one will be close to that price :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I always appreciate any feedback on the painting. I struggle with veins and normally get them too thick, and now they are too thin. I will try for a happy medium on the next one :slight_smile:


I like you attitude to the criticism! You are awesome!


This is why I love this forum! They will definitely tell you what you need to improve on!


I agree. People who can accept critique graciously are fantastic. I think that @Slbrlb is going to make us all proud with her future improvements.


If you all don’t mind can you give me some feedback on this doll too? It was painted different than the original post pics so I’m wondering what other things I can work on to improve. I personally thought my Emma looked better but it could be that I prefer sleeping babies. Thanks so much!!

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I like this one better.

I could make a list of all the good points, but the only criticism I can see would be that the nostrils could use more shading.

Your June Awake is looking great :+1: :heart:

Thank you!