Price Increase?

I’m shocked! I always buy body #7540 and it’s always been $11.95, but today I went to purchase a few while the shipping sale is still going on and the price has been raised to $16.95 :anguished: That’s insane. I don’t understand why the price of this one body has gone up so much, it’s not even one of the better bodies, it uses strings and non of the other stringed bodies so far as I can tell have gone up in price, and if they have it’s definitely not by $5.00.

Has anyone else noticed any huge price increases on any other items?

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Just curious…why do you use the same body? Is it possible you’ve been buying them at a sale price?


Because I dislike the leg caps, and that particular body works really well for both 3/4 and full leg babies. I buy that one for 19-21" and the smaller one that made the same way for the 17-18" babies. They don’t have one made the same for larger babies or I’d buy that one too. Nope, they haven’t been on sale, that’s been their regular price.

I don’t understand what that means?

I think right now they have less stuff on sale due to not being there for the holidays. Like the kit sales. There are 4 on sale. Normally there are over 20 sometimes even 50 kits.

I would say give them a little while after holiday vacation and see what changes. They should be open tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wed. Then closed again til Mon. the 4th of Jan.


oh ok …sorry I didn’t catch that… But yes you’re right, and now that one body has gone up so much, it’s the same price as a custom someplace else. I’m hoping maybe it’s a typo lol.

That’s true, but it’s just that I don’t recall it ever being on sale when I’ve purchased it in the past. I keep this little speed sheet when I purchase kits and their accompanying items, to keep track of how much each baby costs to make. I note what I’ve purchased on sale and what is regular price, and I’ve never made a note on that body as being on sale (I believe I have 8 of them). I’ll wait til after the holidays like you said and see what happens.

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You missed them they were on sale last night for 7.95 :wink: They had both sizes on sale.


I always buy the body that goes with the kit, but I know you don’t have too, I think it is just suggestions :smiley:

And I have been waiting 4 months for the body that goes to Clover/Jasper. Still none.

Then early this morning or late last night when Kase asleep went on sale, I put him in my cart along with the neck ring and plugs, etc. Went to get his body and it’s $19.95! I can’t afford that. I went back to my card and Kasey was already taken off sale. So I didn’t get him. Oh well. Meh…

I DO love BB, though but I guess I’ll have to buy the bodies elsewhere . Oh I did buy 2 new bodies for Clover and Jasper, from another place…

The sales are more than normal. Been 50% off recently. Plus they have the flat rate shipping deal happening as well.


OH RATS!!! Seriously?

Yes I seen them last night if I had more dolly dollars I would have got a lot.

I should check the home page and sales ore often, I keep missing all sorts of good stuff. I was out with my husband running errands the other day and looking on my cell phone I saw Rosebud on sale. I’ve been wanting her for a while, but by the time we got home she was gone lol. It’s like you have to check several times throughout the day because things seem like they come and go so quickly.

Off topic…but Amanda are you doing the Easter Baby Swap?

May be a glitch in the system as well…the computer tends to update itself based on stock and they have to go in and manually adjust some of the prices, etc…Since they are off till the 28th the computer may being doing its own thing and just using the regular retail prices instead of the usual discounted prices they tend to run most all the time…That would be my guess…could be wrong of course??? :unamused:

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I want to but have not made up my mind as of yet.I love making them but I’m not as good as any of the ladies on here so it scares me haha.

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I’m the biggest procrastinator when it comes to getting the bodies. I always wait until the last minute and want to kick myself, every time lol

Ahhhh…well I like your guess lol. I was feeling bummed trying to think of alt resources for bodies. I’ve got tons of kits that need bodies and the idea of having to sew them myself or buy a bunch of customs was a bit depressing.

Oh please sign up :slight_smile: . Yeah it is kind of scary, but it sounds like fun. I don’t want to be the only new person to sign up and not have someone to be matched up with. Come on let’s do it :grinning:


Yes me too. When I order kits from BB I always try to get their eyes and plugs at the same time and put the bodies off until later. Not going to do that anymore lol.

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A lot of items increased in price. I only buy now when it’s cost effective. I can’t pay $80 for a kit and body when I can get a LE for that price and sell it for more. Hopefully they’ll have better sales soon

They had so many on sale a day or so before christmas…now i have relatives wanting babys kits Those they picked went off sale before they could show me what they wanted me to make!!
Now they are waiting for new sales…and nothing today I told them there should be some in a few days .One wanting to order is a 8 year old wanting to buy with xmas money .L ast one she picked went off sale in 1 or 2 days now she needs to find a new one…I know shes antsy to get one going lol.

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There’s still several listed under special deals.