Price help

I was going to list him for 370+ship but not sure if I am asking to much.


That is a very cute baby. Sorry I can’t help you with the price I usually keep or donate mine.

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Pricing is difficult.

With mine, I looked at where I planned on listing and tried to find artists with a comparable painting style and noted what their babies went for. This gave me a good idea. Over time I’ve increased my prices, but my dolls still sell quickly. When I get to a point where they don’t, I would lower a bit and there’s my sweet spot.

Some artists sell for top dollar and don’t care if it takes them months to sell, some price lower just to move them quickly. I’m not sure where you fall on this spectrum.


He’s so cute!! What sculpt is it? I think you should charge what you feel he’s worth, and hold out for the right buyer. Take some really stellar photos in good lighting, and if I might make a teensy suggestion- I’d trim the eyelashes just a little bit (unless it’s shadows in the photo making them appear long) and maybe a touch of extra matting on the hands and feet.

Best of luck with the sale! He’ll have a lucky mama :blush:


Thank you so much for your help and suggestions I will definitely fix those things. He is realborn zuri

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