Pressed 8

As you all know I have traded my home oven and all the lovely fumes and chemicals I put into our bodies for a Nuwave. Tried it out today. Mine doesn’t have levels for temp, just reg. temp setting, pressed 265, pressed 8, and melted my Kameko. It seems I pressed 8 hours not eight minutes, it only took about 15 minutes to turn her into a puddle. I was complaining she wasn’t a cute sculpt so the reborn Gods zapped me. I now have squishy test limbs. I am now officially initiated.

I’m sorry! That sucks. What if you reheat it and stuff it with washcloths and then freeze the shape? Or is it so melted that this is not possible. Just a suggestion…

You should test it out without anything in it… I have the NUWAVE PRO and I just press cook temp 265, then cook time 8.
I use a thermometer inside.
Do you have the exstender ring?

Yeah I’d def be checking the temp with test parts inside. Even at 15 minutes, your parts might of gotten shiny but they shouldn’t have completely melted. I’ve baked for 12 minutes in the past and nothing bad has happened in my nuwave.

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well there’s your entry for the Halloween contest!

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Oh noooo! So sorry that happened! I think it happens at least once to everyone…

Yep, those are the lessons we learn really really fast!

Searching for anybody that has the same nuwave as me.I have the Nuwave Pro.It has been working great and have only had this one about 2 weeks.I went to use it, set time to 8 minutes, set temp to 265 and the dang thing went to E and just keeps beeping and wont start.Any tips on what to do?

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Strange… never heard of it. Maybe look in the manual? Only issue mine has is the dome is cracking. It cracks a tiny bit more every time I turn it on… :frowning:

Yea I have tried the manual and been on the troubleshoot online and still can’t figure out what happened.Thanks

Giving up for tonight and going to bed.Maybe my brain will function in the

You won’t believe this but I was so dang mad that I smacked fire out of the top of the Nuwave and it started working

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