Presley v. Asher Prediction

Given that Presley asleep was such a sellout and Presley awake is still available, what do you think sales of Asher asleep will be like.

I think that most of us will be broke before he comes out! I doubt he will sell as well just because the first crazy hype is over. I don’t think he is as cute but we all have our favorite quirks so someone else may love him more. I still think he’ll be sold out within a few weeks. Do the kits sold overseas in other stores come out of the 1500 or are they a separate batch? I’m thinking 3000 Presleys and 3000 Ashers are a lot of kits to sell in a few weeks so that alone might make him sell less quickly. What is going to be bad are when all of them are reborn and they go to be sold at the same time. Well, except for the keepers!


Basically, that is what I am worried about. I am broke and hope they don’t sell out so fast that maybe I can get a couple. I like Presley awake better than Asher awake but I think it is the prototype that I am not crazy about. I think he could be so much cuter. My husband thinks he is the cutest one of the four.

At least we’ll all have company in the poor house! :smiley:


I will share my cardboard box house under the bridge with you gals! We just have to figure out how to bake our kits over the burn barrel :wink:


I think that they (Asher) will go fast. I am in love with Presley asleep and Asher asleep and awake. I am going to be broke after this. Plus there are a few others that I really want. I will have so many babies! I am enjoying making them. I cannot wait to get them finished. Then I will be sewing outfits for them. I want to make outfits from the 50’s. Also some Victorian era clothing. I have made a couple of christening gowns with hats. Now I just need to finish the baby!

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So we’ll all be sitting around the burn barrel with our babies and our needlework talking about how best to fit a baby in a dutch oven in the coals!
I keep wanting to make some special outfits since its hard to find outfits now that I like. Tired of dressing babies in sleepers to sell. And I need to make some dolly dollars so I can buy more kits!


I was going to get both Ashers, 2 of each, to cut down on the postage cost - even getting 2 they come to just under $140 each. But closer I am looking at them less I like them. I do not like the chin; in some of the shots it looks huge.

I might get another Presley Asleep when the 150 come out; I like working on him.

Sorry, girl, but I think you missed the 150. BB doesn’t have him listed this morning. I got one off ebay for $100 at about the same time BB had the 150 so had to pay the extra and cancel my one from BB. I figure that now the price on ebay will start to skyrocket again. There isn’t any other place in the US to get him.

There will be another 150 (approx) in November when they arrive. The ones that were listed and sold this week were from the original shipment. The BB site inventory counter quit during the initial sale so Nevin kept enough to be sure all the orders could be filled and then checked the inventory and listed the ones that just sold. There is a whole thread about it that was posted yesterday afternoon. (I am too lazy to look for it though)

The nose of asher made me think twice

I wonder if adding hundreds into our carts confused the poor counter LOL

It shouldn’t. I don’t think that they reduce the inventory until they are paid and the sale is completed.

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