Presley- stuck-wip

I am nervous on this one. How am I doing, and where should I go from here???



I’m thinking a lavender mottle… And then, stuck. Help! This is a baby that I wasn’t crazy about… But falling in love. But, I think I say that every time. :flushed: and final blushing… How’s his tone?

Looks good so far to me !

Yay!!! Thank god!!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️ I’ll post more after. I am leaving him bald, I am obsessed with his head!!!

Looks good to me.

He looks really good. Nice job.
How did Pooper turn out? Does he have hair? I was thinking of him yesterday.

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Looks great!!!

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He looks perfect to me!

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I haven’t rooted or drawn his hair. So far, I can’t bear to part with him. And, I like him bald… If I ever decide to sell him, I will do hair… But for me? He is a beautiful baldie! I’ll post a cute pic… It’s not letting me right now!

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He’s a sweetheart!

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Cute! It looks like he’s about to cry. :slight_smile:


Aww give it love Nikki! He does look like he fixing to cry :crying_cat_face:

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I know!!! Right??? I can’t stop carrying him around. He reminds me of my husband. Lol ( the face, not the carrying) lol


Thank you!!! So much! He got such bad press , I had to give him a whirl! I just love him, he reminds me of a baby on santas lap! That face!!!


Looking good Nikki! Might darken lips just a teeny bit more. Looks so good!

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I can’t wait to work on him more Tommorrow! More pics to come!

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Presley looks great. And I LOVE Pooperman! His is adorable!!! No way you can part with that little one.

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