Presley Awake kit #3 arrived today. I'm in LOVE!

He is so much cuter in person. I’m going to love reborning this one!

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Yes, exactly the same. My Presley Asleep didn’t come wrapped in tissue paper though. I don’t know if BB just started doing this to protect the boxes or if it’s because it’s one of the first 3 kits.

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I wish the limbs, at least the hands were different on all four kits. It’s going to get kind of boring doing the same limbs over and over again.

Do the other kits have the same limbs as Presley? I thought Asher’s were different…

I would have thought all the limbs would have been different if they were computerized scannings of a real baby. ???

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BB always use one set of limbs with different heads. It costs to make the molds, so using the same limbs cuts down the cost.

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Asher’s limbs are slightly different. Check the gallery.

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You’re right, the hands are flipped.

The fingers and toes are different from Asher and Presley.

Oh mine should be here tomorrow I am excited to get him/her… have not quite decided the gender mine will be just yet.

Yes there are 2 sets of limbs, one for both Presleys, and the other for both Ashers

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Wondering when they will mail the rest of them! Can’t wait to get mine! Of course, now I’m wondering how long it took them to write on the end of each box…and whether they did that in advance. Talk about doing something over and over and hoping you don’t mess up!

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Hi Everyone, Not every Realborn’s limbs will be similar. EVERY Realborn® will have their own limbs. Presley has the limbs of the real baby Presley and Asher has the limbs of the real baby Asher, this is how it’ll be for all of our Realborns. However, Presley Asleep and Presley Awake share limbs, and Asher Asleep and Asher Awake share limbs.

As you all know, our Realborns are created directly from computer photometric scans of an actual precious real newborn baby. With this technology we are able to capture every sweet baby fold, wrinkle and crease of the head, ears, eyes, nose, fingers, feet, and toes, capturing the highest detail and quality EVER! Our Realborns’ limbs are the actual positioning of which the REAL BABY was in at the time of the scanning. Our Realborns are a replica of a beautiful precious REAL baby!

Media Manager,
Bountiful Baby


Still mind boggling that it is even possible. And wow, the price is actually lower than most LE kits. I am so looking forward to getting my kits!


Just ordered my Presley Awake…it will be around 4 weeks before he arrives…(in Australia)

Mine was sent last Thursday and arrived few minutes ago.

Wow that quick! Well I hope mine will be here sooner then I thought. But depends what State we live in I guess. Everything’s a bit slower getting to the North.

I am in Melbourne, but all my parcels from USA seem to come through Sydney; yours should not take more than couple of days longer.