Presley awake is running out 8 left!

If anyone is wanting Presley awake… I suggest you hurry!!! I just looked and I believe there are only 12 left!!! This is one of my must have kits!!! So, if anyone has been waiting… Now is the time!


I was hoping that was on sale. I don’t need to spend $80 on another kit at the moment although I would love to have one.

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Just paid my Visa bill…and what I heard about the remaining balance, cause I do telephone banking, made me cringe… .have to stop spending money…!!..HAVE TO STOP SPENDING SO MUCH MONEY. !!..NEED SALES…!!!


It’s so crazy. One week everything I own sells at once The next month or so…nada. There is no way to accurately predict the market for our dolls. I guess we just have to learn to be patient. I want to sell a doll because I want to buy the new backsplash for my kitchen but the project is on hold until something sells.


I admire your restraint Helen…!!..need some of that…!!..

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My husband would not agree that I show restraint. He once complained that the money was going so fast. I replied. “You make the money. I spend the money. I can’t help it if I’m better at my job than you are at yours!”


I guess I do not have any restraint LOL … I went ahead and ordered Presley. I really wish he came with the box though.

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You really should! :heart:

Nikki, thanks for the heads up. I really like Presley. I missed the sleeping Presley which was one of my favorites, because I put it off too long. You may have saved me from missing the awake one, too.

I don’t carry a balance on my credit cards from month to month. I do use a credit card but I only buy what I can pay off immediately when the bill comes in, otherwise I will definitely get buried as there are so many things I want but can’t pay the same month. I admit I love shopping. I am a sale shopper, but I remind myself if I have to pay interest it is no longer a deal so that makes me avoid overbuying.


That is very smart!!! I cut up all of mine… And got a loading card. I only load what I need. That really helps me not spend!!! I used to have paypal linked to my bank… And that was bad news!! Hubby put an end to that in a hurry. SO… Did you order Presley???

I got 2 - I for me and one to reborn to sell. I got a thinning medium and 2 colors that were on sale. Gulp. It is a lot of cash as I got the bodies too. The extra shipping and Canadian exchange rate on top of it. Ouch. My wallet hurts.
SUBTOTAL: $224.67
Shipping: $38.74


$263.41 USD to $360.94 CAD
Almost 100 extra cost in exchange rate. Ouch. Consider that our money buys about the same amount of groceries as a US citizen in our stores. That really hurts. It is not BB’s fault. Just our current dollar value.


Wow. :yum::weary: I am glad you got your Presley’s though!

I know, it is pretty painful to see the difference in price for Canadian customers. My dad was a US citizen and I still have family there so I am used to the exchange, etc. but wow, it’s high right now. I am glad I got them, but I wish I’d got the asleep ones instead. I can expect to pay another 30% or so in duty and customs.


I’m obsessed with him!!! I wish I could buy another before its 2 late!!!

SOLD thanks so much!! :slight_smile:

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@Nikkiroc, you might like this. :slight_smile:


Chances are good:-) as long as I could root it… I am over wigs( unless on toddlers) CAN YOU BELIEVE I WROTE THAT???

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