Presley awake and asleep

I have both from bountiful baby, I can’t find information about these two. I bought them a long time ago when I first started. Anyone have any reference photos?

You can find them here.

It just has a pic and no info :woman_shrugging:t2: Gina, I get inspo photos off of Pinterest. I have a seconds kit. Was thinking of it being a keeper. I might switch out the arms as I really don’t care for 3/4. If I find the size eyes I bought, I’ll let you know…

This was my Presley asleep

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My presley awake…i did presley asleep but will have to scrounge around for her pix later.


My first AA bub was Presley

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Here is the Presley awake I reborned.

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Thanks ladies, adorable babies, makes me want to paint them. I didn’t know they were discontinued and was worried they were fakes or I was going crazy. I looked on this site but when I clicked on links there were not photos. Just wanted to make sure they were legit.

After they were discontinued, they rereleased some seconds without COA’s.

Right on. Now I am wondering if I should paint them…might be someone who collects who might want them for their kit collection. They are pretty cute.

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Yes, of course you should paint them!! You are an awesome Artist. Please don’t let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch. We love your style!!!

Remember mine?


Presley asleep was the first Realborn made. (I think I remember that correctly).

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