Presley Awake and Asleep what?

I am cleaning up my baby cupboard and just found some sculpts I totally forgot about, I mean six years forgot about. I found Presley awake and asleep, Denise’s LE Charlotte, and some other old school reborns. I need more room, may be offering up some sculpts if anyone is interested, I will pull together a price list.

I also have a big box full of limbs…I use the heads to make cuddle babies. I was thinking I might trade them out on other sculpts that had limbs I didn’t like. Joy and I were wondering if that is a big deal, do collectors care if you mix kits? I might not do it on a top shelf artist SOLE but I have some funny looking babies I wouldn’t mind doing a Frankenstein swap with, anyone have an opinion?

If anyone needs limbs let me know I will list a bunch.


I’ve done limb swaps before, but I’m not sure how collectors feel about it.

It’s super cool that you found old sculpts. I’m interested in who all you’ve unearthed.

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As a collector, I wouldn’t mind a Frankenbaby if the limbs and head were a good match. Also, I would love to see what you have for sale :slight_smile:

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I always wonder about that too. I am concerned that hardcore collectors want everything according to COAs.


Might work well as a “budget baby” option- then you can clear out extra heads and limbs and still make a profit, while people who want a baby but can’t afford high end dolls can enjoy having a reborn :slight_smile:


I enjoy having spare limbs to do testing , maybe they can be advertised this way ?


I vote you take one head and figure out a way to attach 6-8 limbs on a body (all legs or all arms) and make an octobaby or a spiderbaby :rofl:


Ooh I second this :joy: Let the reborning shenanigans begin!


I’ve changed limbs on a reborn and had no issues with selling. I do think it’s important to be clear about what was done though in the listing. As long as you are open about the head being from one kit and the limbs from another and have good photos, you are being honest about what is being offered and that’s what’s important. I wouldn’t do it with an expensive rare kit, but it’s a great way to use what you have and make some true one of a kind babies! Go for it Gina, if anyone has the creativity and talent to make an octobaby sell it’s you!


I really like this idea! Gina will have to sew a custom body, but she’s like superwoman. There’s nothing she can’t do!