PrePainted Blaze ---------------

Is anyone going to buy the pre-painted doll? It has eyes inserted and rooted hair - - - but I don’t see the attraction at all.

I am not impressed with the factory pre- painted kits. They do not have the originality of making one from a blank kit by yourself. I think that they are nice for crafting with children or elderly nursing home patients, or for someone that feels that they want one but do not have the skills to make one.

They are painted terribly and the hair is so badly rooted it’s scary!

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Wow. I was just coming in here to say the same thing. I’m afraid unscrupulous people will be saying they have a reborn. Or the people who buy these kits will be saying they are reborns and people will think that’s what a reborn looks like. I can understand someone buying this so there little girl could make a doll along with Mommy, but other than that I don’t get what they’re all about.

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I remember Nevin commenting on the pre-painted kits and it is not something they i te d to do again. Very disappointing.
bbsupportNov '14
These are not completed dolls. They are pre-painted doll kits.

For anyone looking at our pre-painted doll kits, perhaps you should also check out our “Discontinued Kits” page, here:

Scroll to the bottom to see what is there.

We’ve had these particular pre-painted kits in the warehouse for awhile, with no desire or inclination to reorder them or to otherwise even stock them. We even told the factory not to produce them, but these had already been produced. So we have them now.

The only reason we have not offered to sell them yet is because they are scaled-down versions of the original Blaze and Kimi kits, and we do not (yet) have bodies that will fit them.

We are going to make some bodies that fit them, and then release the kits when the bodies are ready. The bodies will also be temporary, and are not planned to be restocked.

Nevin Pratt
CEO, Bountiful Baby

I don’t care for them either. They might be sitting on those for sometime.

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The next time we see someone on fb begging for a cheap reborn we should refer them to these painted kits :slight_smile:


The only thing I like about the prepainted-prerooted doll kits is they have full limbs. Otherwise I’m sorry they are terrible. I don’t even think they should be classified as reborns. The machine rooting is terrible. They might be good for children, but then again other big box stores have dolls that little girls can comb the hair.

for me, they are look ugly, oily.

They could be stripped and redone but for the price you pay you could buy a new kit cheaper and not have the headache of removing paint and hair,

I really like the full limbs… anyone have a real picture of one?