PreOrder LLE

SO—did anyone order Gracie Mae today? Can anyone tell me how much the belly plate is? It does not list a price for it. I have only checked McPhersons. I don’t want to pay shipping if I don’t have too. McP lists the kit as $120 without the belly plate and that is not enough to qualify for free shipping. Everyone seems to have raised their free shipping qualifications since kits are usually about 120, guess they want you to have to buy more since free shipping is at $130 these days, cheesy!!


I got mine from LLE. Belly plate was $24.99.
Baby $120.99. Free shipping over $100

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She is such a stinkface…while I’m sitting here on the fence…she probably sold out…I haven’t even looked yet

It runs til Feb 5 I think.

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Oh, that’s good…gives me time to mull :rofl:

Thanks Ang!

I know, I’m thinking of getting 2? what’s wrong with me? I haven’t painted in at least a year but I still want to BUY!! Eek!


I got 2 from LLE since they come with a signed body from her.

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TruBorn has free shipping at $100.00. Bobbi doesn’t get LLE kits (only Brenda and LLE in the USA and Canada)… I try to order from Bobbi whenever she sells the kits.


I ended up getting just one of her. I didn’t get the belly plate. I should have though. I can’t wait to get her.

I ordered from LLE, but decided to only get 1, since I have no idea when I’ll ever get it done!! I have so many kits and haven’t painted for at least a year. Go figure!

edit: I didn’t get the plate and belly button stump.

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I just pre-ordered her, with the belly plate and cord, from LLE site. It’s the only kit I have interest for since a while. I haven’t been excited to paint a kit for so long. I can’t wait to get her !