"Premium Plus" Mohair (previously stocked by Bountiful Baby)

Folks, our “Premium Plus” mohair that we used to stock was produced by “Mohair by Debbie”. The following is her website:

It is some of the most gorgeous mohair we have seen.

I have encouraged Debbie to join our forum and offer her mohair directly to you via our FOR SALE forum section. She just joined, and her forum ID is “debbiesmohair”.

For all of you folks looking for quality mohair, this is a good source. And if you go direct to the supplier, you skip the middleman and both seller and buyer gets a better value.

If anyone is curious why we would encourage buying mohair directly from the producer instead of from us, the following post should explain it:

In particular, the second-to-the-last paragraph explains it.

Thanks, everyone!

Nevin Pratt
CEO, Bountiful Baby

I sent an email through your contact page on your website, Debbie.