Preemie photos

Just found some awesome closeup preemie photos that were taken by my cousin’s husband. They are tabbed Preemie Charlotte and are in my photobucket reference folder now! Here’s a link. … t=3&page=1
Now to take the time to upload all the other photos of newborns I have to the new folder…sigh…

Lovely pics! My son was a preemie, and he was positively covered in hair! I thought they might have switched my real baby for a little bear cub. Of course that all fell out as soon as he acquired some body fat, but he was quite fuzzy for a while.

Thank you for posting the pictures of such an adorable preemie. It really helps me to see the difference in skin tones and hair.

What a beautiful baby! Thank you so much for posting these for us!

As soon as I saw them, I knew they belonged on here. Glad you guys liked them!

I am looking for a preemie kit. Any suggestions ?? Which one is the more realistic one ?? I am waiting for the BB Megan but maybe will be moths until she will be on stock. Thank you.