Preemie-micro preemie

I am going to do my first micro preemie (caleb), I am also doing a meagan. My preemie outfit is too big. I checked out eBay but I was wondering if anyone had a good source for micro clothes and diapers.

I just listed a bunch of micropreemie clothes at my Etsy store. I will go try them on Caleb. I show them pictured on Rosebud and Max who wear the same body size as Caleb.:


Caleb’s a lot smaller than Rosebud. If Jillian’s don’t work out for some reason, has really cute real baby clothes in sizes from up to 1.5 pounds to newborn.

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Most of this stuff is looking a bit baggy on Caleb with his tiny head. I do have diapers that fit him very well.


When I did my Caleb I bought Carter preemie from Wal-Mart. They were a bit big but not too bad.