Preemie clothes mart sale

Preemie clothes mart has cute preemie and micro preemie shirts, pants, gowns and dresses on sale.

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Have you ordered from there ?

I haven’t. I didn’t know about them until I read it on another thread. I’ll be trying them, though. They’re cheaper than the other stores that have micro preemie clothes and they appear to be the same items.

I have bought from them. Shipping is fast.

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I was just wondering if you had , I was going to order and the shipping charges showed up at 27.00 being the cheapest… I think there is something wrong with shipping calculator or something.

At that shipping price maybe I won’t be ordering from them because I’m not paying $27 to ship a couple of micro preemie shirts that maybe weigh 2 oz.

I did not order either because of the high shipping cost and i did try to call them but never got an answer.

When did you order and do you mind if i ask what the shipping was please.

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I don’t remember how much shipping was. I ordered about a month and a half ago.

I just went and put a bunch of things in my cart to check it out. There was a shipping calculator at the left bottom when I went to check out. I entered my zip code and it gave me 4 or 5 different options. The cheapest was 8.95 and the most expensive was 69.00

Thanks for the feedback , I can’t figure it out because i am in the same state they are my zip is 44109 and only got two options cheapest was 27 something.
Tried to email them and it came back.

I forgot to say i only added one thing to the cart to see if it came up different this time.

I just wanted to update this … I did get an email from them and something with my zip code is what is causing the problem for some reason… so for most people the shipping is working right from what he told me.