Preemie belly plate

Anyone know where I can find an anatomically correct belly plate for a preemie. Like the 15 to 17 inch doll range? Do they even make them?

I’ve never seen one in that size. You can buy a 15 inch anatomically correct Berenguer Doll and cut the body in half to use as a belly plate and make a soft bodied doll out of the Berenguer.


I might just have to do that. Someone should make one though. They’d probably be rich. LOL

I have these if you want them. Tell me a price if your interested!

These are from a 16 inch doll, a 14-15 inch doll, and a 13 inch doll. The 13 inch one has 2 red dots on chest. 16 inch one has small black marks on back. Spots may be able to be removed.

The 16 inch one is made of silicone vinyl.
Just so you know! :blush:

Nod bodies would work too. Then give Nod a doe suede body.

Oh thank you for the offer but mommy ended up deciding she wanted to go with a newborn size instead.