*****Pre-Posting Photos Please***********

Hi Ladies, I think I have confused this possibly so thought I would add this as a new topic and give an example of what I am after…

At the top of our Easter swap page on the website - www.bbfcbc.wix.com/bbfcbc - you will see a slide show…This area is a quick reference for all artist in the swap and will represent your Easter baby and your work.
If any of you have not submitted a photo of your own baby the one YOU MADE…and would like to have it posted there with your information, please post your pictures here on this thread or PM me…

The box opening photos are nice but may not be clear enough to represent you…so If you have a better photos of your own baby - THE ONE YOU MADE - not the one your received…Please get it to me so I can upload it to the site…

EG: this is the one that I have uploaded beside my contact info for the baby I made Nikki

If you do not have one and are happy with what was taken by your partner…that is fine too…Just wanted to give you the opportunity to present your work as best as possible…

Please just pick one photo…so that I don’t have to try and pick one…lol Thanks for that! :smile:

(Some ladies have already sent though photos…thanks for those…If I have not already posted them on the site, they will show up shortly…I am a bit hectic at the moment…trying to get 3 customs out the door because going away a few days threw me behind…but will get this done soon…)


You are awesome :slight_smile: I sent more than one, want me to choose and resend? :slight_smile:

Please…lol It is just easier for me…that way I won’t have to worry if I got the right one…lol

You can post it here if you like or PM me…either is fine…I will pick it up either place as I will check both on and off each day…Thanks so much for that… :smile:

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Okay I edited my PM :slight_smile:

THATS MY GIRL!!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️ @westernstarr do you have all my info? Was it all on the card I sent?

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