Pre-painted and rooted Kimi?

I purchased two of the factory prepainted Kimi’s for my nieces. I plan to give them to them for christmas after I do some of my own improvements to them. These will be going to a 4 year old and a 6 year old but I want to make them a little cuter.

Basically I plan to Condition the hair really good and style it for them. I was also thinking of adding some light veining and a little more blushing too a few areas and maybe a burnt umber wash and then use the satin varnish if I need to then add glaze lips, nails, etc. Do you think this is possible without stripping the kit?

Has anyone done this to the prepainted kits?


I managed to comb through their rats nest lol and I decided that they are actually much cuter then the pic in the gallery. My nieces are going to love them. I decided not to do any added blushing as they don’t really need it for a 6 year old and a 4 year old. I am just waiting for the magnet for pacifier to dry and stuffing and weighting the rest of the body then once they are put together I will cut and style their hair put them in a box and wrap them up for Christmas. I’ll post a picture when I am finished.


Id love to see your Kimis.She will be my first doll to do once my paint etc arrives .Im making her Asian

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Oh yay! You’re doing an Asian bub? Post pics!

well i have to buy the paint …hair felter etc still…i only have her body so far…Maybe when xmas presents are all bought. next week…For sure Jan…i cant stand this waiting to get started!!
I also have FenYen coming any day.

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That’s awesome! I’m jealous! :0)

Wouldnt have 2 baby kits but Fen Yen went on sale and id been waiting for her to…so HAD TO GET HER!!