Pratt Paints?

Has anyone tried these yet? Someone on FB alerted me this morning to the fact they are slowly adding colors now but they sure have been quiet about it.

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Ooooh interesting

They look creamy? Are the Genesis paints they still have the original mixture or the “new” mix?

I am not sure about that Pia. I have not ordered any but I know from my own use here that the SM Heatset Agent makes the new formula Genesis paints work and heat set just like the old formulas.

Interesting. I might grab a color or two when I place my next order to try them out.

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Gosh I miss the days of buying 4oz jars of medium for 19.99. I was holding out hoping that we’d get back there, but I think it’s truly in the past. Now I’ll just be grateful that there are alternatives at all

I know it feels like we have been somewhat taken advantage of with the discontinuation of Genesis. I realize I don’t know the costs of making these new lines coming out but so far they all seem expensive.


I agree Angie, some of the paints I have seen lately are a bit “over the top” as far as I’m concerned—way over priced. The paint cloud did NOT have a silver lining! lol

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Sounds like some people are getting on the Heat Set paint train…that was fast, and I am grateful, I hope those prices start to come down a little. Maybe its start up costs…lordy I hope so.

If anyone has tried them I would like to hear how they compare, my GHSP are dwindling and I sometimes feel like I am living on a deserted island with only three candy bars left in my suitcase (I slept walked off a cruise ship, thought I was going back to the airport in my dreams).