Praises for bb

I ordered some second limb sets and some other things from BB last week. My order came Saturday afternoon and one set of limbs was wrong. First mistake I have had in orders from BB in almost 9 months! I wrote an immediate Email and first thing this morning in my mailbox was a note from them apologizing and replacing the wrong ones with the right ones. What had scared me was that the site showed that they were all out of the ones I had ordered. Then the shipping notice came…they are already on their way here! And, I don’t need to ship the others back, for which I am immensely greatful! Given how cold it is and icy I had no desire to slog my way to the PO!
Thankyou BB for wonderful customer service! Since I am quick to complain about something, I also want to be quick to give kudos where they are due! I am truly amazed at your thoroughness and at your precision.
It is a pleasure to spend my money here where it counts!
Joy Franklin
Nana’s Joyful Babies

Thanks Joy for sharing this with us! They are #1 for customer service, and they still have some of the best prices!

My praises still are up there!
My legs arrived today! The right kind and all!
I call that amazing service! There was writing on the box, as to what was to be done with the box etc. all internal notes for them. But it was so nice to see it written in such a way that I felt like I was important to them. It was just the simple way of putting a note to send out …no charge…our mistake… The label didn’t quite cover it all, and I am nosy. I felt so valued as a customer!
Good job BB…thanks again for righting this silly little mistake so quickly and so kindly!
Joy Franklin

Yes!!! BB is outstanding! I bought some of the more expensive mohair they had and rinsed it like suggested. Half of it turned green. I wrote to them. They asked if I could send a picture. I sent a picture and they ended up giving me a full refund. I had the refund almost immediately. No where else have I experienced such a willingness to work with customers.

Last week, I had put an Aisha head and limbs in my basket and when I went to check out, the legs were missing(Joy if you took them, I’ll be angry at you LOL) so I decided, okay, don’t fret, find another set of limbs that might work, so I ordered seconds on Brea. I’ve ordered seconds before from BB and I could hardly even tell they were seconds so I wasn’t worried. When I got the parts, I immediately examined them and discovered ink dots on both of the legs. I immediately emailed BB and after taking photos of the spots, they sent me a new pair of Brea legs. And guess what? They weren’t seconds this time, they were firsts and perfect! Thank you for the wonderful customer service, BB!!

I would just like to add another observation that is almost off topic.

I have had occasion to go to fast food places several times over the past week and half. NOT ONCE did I get the proper order…NOT ONCE! Let alone not getting straws for drinks or napklins
I think it shows a whole other dimension to business when a person can go 9 months without an error in orders. It is basically the same thing as orders at fast food. A committment to customer satisfaction and a commitment to the company. Every error in fast food COSTS THEM. They cannot resell food that has been outside the window or in the customer’s possession, it has to be thrown away. With BB they pay shipping for return of the item that was mistakenly sent or just let the customer keep it because the shipping would cost more than the product in most cases. This of course is not done when there is a possible FLAW in the product. That has to go back and be analyzed etc to try to make sure there are no repeats of it. I can’t imagine how much it cost the company for the extra dark pink vinyl fiasco. But they never tried to pass it off on us unknowingly. They were up front with it and reduced the price so at least they could get SOMETHING out of it and we customers felt we got a bit of a bargain.
In business these days the service is what is going to matter. There is so much competition for our scarce money that we are going to spend it where we feel GOOD after spending it. I know a lot of places where I buy things actually make me feel badly that I bothered them to spend my money. I want shopping to make me happy since I have so little money anymore to shop with. If I am not happy I will go somewhere where I can acnieve that feeling. And, it sure so far, has been BB!
Thanks again…
AND NO KAREN I did NOT buy any Aisha legs.

LOl Joy, okay you’re safe then LOL

Funny I just read this tonight. This afternoon we went to a local fast food fish place. My dinner was packaged on a plastic plate with a flimsy plastic lid that just pops on. The girl who bagged it put the plate in sideways then handed me the bag upright. I didn’t know the plate was sideways. We got all the way home and I went to take my dinner out of the bag only to find it all loose in the bottom of the bag! Needless to say I immediately went back there, but, I am still very angry and probably won’t give them anymore business.

I have been ordering from BB since the fall of 2009, my above post was the first and only time there were any problems. I take customer service very seriously. I am certified as a customer service expert. There are very few occasions that I’ve been able to tell someone they provide excellent customer service. I did tell BB in an email and now here on the public forum. Excellent customer service!