Powders class

@sweetiepieapril @Lara
I didn’t sign up for the class, and now it’s to late because I didn’t order my powders! Please let me know what to order and I will purchase the ebook:-)


Yes following!!

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Powders class at ROSE?

No on real❤️

I think it starts this week, but you would obviously need powders! Lol

I haven’t been on real very long and have never taken a class - how do these work and do you need to be super experienced to participate? I’m a newbie but would love to learn how to use these


Just jump right in. They are step by step and Lara explains everything as she goes.


If I bought the baby fx powders, will I be able to substitute them color wise?

If we sign up for the class are we still able to buy the powders from you or is it too late for that ?

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Ok thank you :slight_smile: