Potential Warping

So for those who have been following me with my baking questions, I (surprise :joy:) have another one! I did what you guys recommended with the temperature (265 for 8 minutes), and turned the head on it’s side to reduce strain on top, but when I checked for warping,I noticed some weakness in the vinyl that was closest to the heat. I feel bad for asking so many questions but I need help!

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I never lay heads on the side…always upright

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Ok that’s where I went wrong! What would I do without you guys!!

Do you have the extender ring?

Yes I do!

For me it depends on the head, how I place it. If it’s a preemie head that doesn’t wobble I’ll bake it upright with one extender ring. If it’s a larger head I’ll bake it on its side and flip it. Sometimes the head will get misshapen, but I’ll reshape it when I’m done painting. When I bake a larger head standing upright I’ll use 2 extender rings. When you use 2 extender rings it take longer for the oven to reach the right temperature, so I always place my thermometer at the bottom of the oven to get the most accurate reading. I bake outside (it’s much safer) and the oven reaching the right temp will vary in times if it is really hot or really cold. It takes awhile to get to know how your particular oven behaves, but with each baby you make you’ll figure out more and more.

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The vinyl will be soft from the heat and warping may occur, but it is fixable so long as the vinyl does not melt. What size hid are you doing? I always set my head’s on the neck flange for baking and I do not have any problems with my NuWave Oven melting or warping the heads.

My oven runs hot, so I backed it off to 255 and that seemed to work

Definitely and I think I will quickly finish paint and be done before it’s too late! This is her colouring now and honestlyim quite happy as it is!


I don’t think you should feel badly for asking too many questions. We are here to help each other. And, when one person asks a question, it may help others who have not asked but wanted to know. :slight_smile:


I’m painting a Saskia. I think my plan of attack is to forget about painting hair and just throw some eyebrows on and varnish the head but I’ll continue the arms since they don’t seem to be weakening

Very true!