Posy question

I painted Posy and I accidentally used jacks arms instead of hers. I’d like to sell jack as an unpainted kit. What is the best way to go about this. I’m thinking folks are wanting Jack kit with his arms not Posys.

Advise please. PS I’m selling Posy


I personally wouldn’t care because they are twins by the same sculptor. Your Posy is adorable!

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Their arms look the same to me. At least the hands do.


Is that your jack?

Thank you so much!

I wish. Not mine. Isn’t he adorable?

He’s beautiful but has his arms lol I believe their legs/feet are the sale but the hands are different. I’m
going to unassemble post and do a side by side of their limbs.


If it was mine I would honestly swap limbs back and paint Posy’s to match her head and strip Jack’s to include with head, or just tell the buyer they need to be stripped. Just to keep the value and COA’s valid for both kits instead of having them both technically be mixed limb babies as is. I think you’ll get more for your Posy as an original with the correct limbs as well.

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