Postal carrier thinks I am a crazy lady or murder

The other day I was home and heard the tooting of a horn in my driveway around 1300. There is only one thing that can mean, I have a package! I went to meet him and get what ever it was, only to see there were 3 of them. I asked him do you ever wonder what is in all the boxes you deliver here and other places? He laughed and said “All the time, I am so curious especially with the odd shaped ones.” So I took pity on him, told him what was in the packages, and I am not sure by the look on his face if he had rather not know! One was eyeballs, one was bodies and the last was body parts. The packages kept getting bigger as I spoke. He eyed them and I said. “Not to worry they won’t be too much bigger they are baby parts.” Sorry I just could not resist this. The look on his face was priceless.

I love getting boxes of baby parts…

Me too and I feel like it is Christmas every time!

I love what you told him! Although I hope at some point yu put him out of his misery! He’ll have a story to tell when he gets back to the office! I love getting the packages too…but the kids open most of mine and are so disappointed when “it’s just baby parts…”

Well I will some day and the even funnier part is he is aware I am an EMT.It says on my truck and I took his uncle to the hospital a few weeks ago. His Aunt and I had time to talk and she sent me an update a little while afterwards. I can not seem to help myself. I did not mean for it to come out like it did when I started the explanation but then I went with it.

Oh, that makes it even funnier! He must wonder if you guys pick up bits and pieces along the way and send them to each other! The kids are going to love to hear this!

This is so funny he may ask for a new route lol

My oldest son tells me

My son is one of our local police officers, and when I told him, he just laughed and shook his head. He said one of these days you are going to get turned in. I already did awhile back for not having my Libby in a car seat. If you look at my siggy she has one now.

That is so funny. I too love messing with the postman. They are halarious when you tell them what’s in the box.

My van has built in carseats but I’m scared to put a baby in one for fear I’ll forget to cover it up when I get out. Last week, Caitlyn tossed Moby up on the dash to get her out of the way while we were on the ferry boat and forgot to take her down when we got off. We decided to move her when we started passing the people waiting to get on in their cars. wonder what they thought!

My postman is pretty funny, He mails alot of my dolls out and knows I make dolls and recieve packages with doll stuff…He will bring me a package and say it looks like your beach barbie ken is here…He is so funny