Post deleted

Deleted. I should have let it go.

Wasn’t that young man studying “Psychology” that’s why he always thought he knew how all of us Peons brains worked?? He always seemed like he had a chip on his shoulder to me. No need to cause trouble, people do what they have to do to survive!!


That’s not necessary, sometimes its best just not to get involved in other people’s issues.

I’m not sure about anything else, but at the very least I can say that he’s correct about bountiful babies’ kits not being cheaper at full price. They also don’t sell as well for me. I don’t want to cause trouble because I don’t know much else, but if that’s what he’s saying, I don’t think it’s mean or malicious

You might be right. I may have overreacted. I’m going to delete my original post.

I didn’t mean to cause a problem either I was just saying: that’s how he came across to me. I remember the “good old days” when BB kits were $24.95, weren’t they GREAT!!! Too bad everything has gotten so expensive.