Poor quality reborns at high prices

I guess I’m just ranting here. I frequently look at reborns on Ebay and other sites and I’m seeing poor quality dolls asking for prices that experienced artists command. I don’t know if these people are delusional or in denial of their skills. I understand the reborn community wanting to keep the value of the dolls up but just because it has the word reborn in it should not automatically make it expensive. I think the price should reflect the quality. Someone who is not very familiar with reborns might buy one for $300 and it really shouldn’t have been sold for more than $100. This actually reflects bad on all the artists because this person may not buy another reborn because of that. Just my rant for the day.


I thought the first Reborn I put up for sale was pretty good. It didn’t sell so I put it away and forgot about it. About a year later I took it out again. My first thought was ‘OMG! I can’t believe I thought somebody would pay money for this!’ After laughing for a few minutes I stripped it and re-did it. That time it was actually worth money. Taking them out in public is my test to see how cash worthy they are.


To me it could be one of two reasons: they’re just starting out and think their reborns are exceptionally good when they aren’t, or they really don’t care about the art and just want to make some quick cash.

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Yes, buyer beware!

Me, too!

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I was one of them:-( when I first started I bought a case of supplies and Kits from an eBay seller. All I had was the bb starter paint set and a secrist DVD. I thought my dolls were amazing. And since I had never seen a good one… I didn’t know any different. Compared to most on eBay- mine were good! To that standard. So, I sold them. About 20. I never priced higher than 250.00, but they all sold. I didn’t know better… Until I made my way here, to you ladies:-). Since then, I haven’t sold. I practice, and I study, and I strive to improve. I can’t believe the difference in my work thanks to the amazing talent in our beautiful group. I feel horrified that I was one of them… But I didn’t know!!! Lololol I want to be one of YOU!!! Thank god I found yall❤️ I hope I didn’t sour anyone towards this wonderful art with my ignorance😁


I guess prices should be based on talent,quality and the kit.
I’ve seen artists just starting out that make gorgeous babies,sometimes better than those that have been doing it for years. Then, I’ve seen well known artists getting so much money,and at times I think “eh, it’s ok,not anything spectacular”.
Guess customers just love what they love.


I am going to join in, I also looked over page after page on ebay at dolls and the prices and on some I just cringed! I see reborns that have hair clumped in section, then no hair and long and the paint was never thinned. Most repulsive reborns and buyers get them and find they are filled with sand or worse. I do not understand the people making these dolls in such a hurry that the quality is not worth 5 dollars. I see kits and think…omg they killed this kit. I mean horrendous. Not that I think my work is perfect, it is not. But, these reborners do not even seem to try. Their dolls drive the price of great dolls down, next thing you see is a reborner selling a beauty for less then what it cost to make the doll and buy the dolls going home supplies. I left ebay because of this.

This is why sooooo many people file claims with PayPal. Then, paypal clumps all artists together and side in favor of customers regardless.

Very well said!

Calomel well said I have been thinking all day how to respond to this post, I’m glad I waited because you said it best.
Thank you

@calimel, What you say is true. I didn’t mean to discredit an artists hard work. I also realize we get very attached to the doll we are making and maybe we think it is better than it is. I guess I feel if you are just starting out and haven’t advanced your skills yet you shouldn’t automatically list it for the higher prices JUST because it is a reborn. Then again, if you list it too high, you usually won’t get buyers. So I guess it evens out in the end.


I was simply stating, some customers are unsatisfied with the dolls they buy. Paypal cannot determine good art or bad,but clumps all reborn artists together,and will find in favor of customers.
Like I said, good or bad customers love what they love. Beauty is in eye of beholder.


I know right??? I think Cali is seriously the most hilarious! So smart, and funny and I love her views! Go @calimel :sunny:️:heart:️:heart:️


Lol that’s because I’m insane​:scream:Lololol thank you Michelle:-) just wait until we are all together in person!!! :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


All of you make me laugh lol