Polly Maynard repaint

I debated posting this here, but decided I wanted to share. I’ve loved the Polly kit for a very long time, but she is pretty much impossible to find blank at this point. I ended up finding a badly damaged doll and decided to try and fix her up. The kit was incredibly stained (even after stripping/oxy10/etc). The limbs were too damaged to salvage so I decided to get some nice chubby limbs I thought would match her face. I would definitely say she’s ‘high color’ which is so far out of my peaches and cream comfort zone, but it was necessary to cover the staining. I tried to add lots of newborn details like milia, rash, and pale hands/feet. I have to say the hardest part was the rooting. The kit had already been rooted twice and the vinyl was so damaged. I’m new at rooting, so I was a mess trying to figure out how to cover the damage and keep the hair from falling out (there were so many holes, it would not stay in, I had to glue every tiny section as I went). The eye creases were completely ripped from eyelashes being rooted so many times, I tried to use vinyl putty to repair and get some lashes in. Overall I’m not too upset at how she came out, but not sure I’ll be able to sell her. I don’t have the COA for the head and the head itself has a slight musty smell. It’s not noticeable unless you actually press your nose to it, but I’m afraid to sell it like that, even with disclosure. I also don’t think I’ll be able to sell it for the value I put into it, with buying both kits, supplies, and my time, so she may just stay with me. Anyway, thank you for reading my long rant and here are some pictures!





What a transformation! :heart_eyes:

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I think you did a great job with what you had to work with. I too always liked the Polly sculpt. He is the one I did, she is with me.


I love her squishy little face. She reminds me a lot of my niece as a newborn!


She turned out beautiful !!! Great job on the redo!