Poll praise

@Debra_Lynn The poll is beautiful and works so easily . I’m sorry there were so many challenges for you but you did an amazing job.

Everybody, if you haven’t seen the babies yet they are killer cute. GO VOTE!


The poll is fantastic and so easy to use. Thanks again. It was hard to choose just one. Too many cuties. Bountiful Baby should put some on their website.


You did an awesome job with it !

Yes, thank you Debra. Awesome job!

The poll is amazing. Great work. It was so hard voting as they were all cute.

Not too shabby for a kit that so many people thought was ugly/homely, huh?

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O wow let me go check then and see all this splendor I’m hearing :blush:

Thanks Debra!

Great job. Thanks.

Loved seeing all the babies! A difficult choice for sure!

Can someone tell me where the poll is? I would love to see all and vote

The topic says “Irelyn challenge poll”. You can vote through a link right on that page.

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Thank you, I just found it before you sent this message. I voted, but it was kinda hard to decide, they all are so cute.


I had a hard time trying to decide who to vote on, too; so fun seeing Irelyn feeling the love! :smile:

Thanks for all the work by the artists and to Debra for arranging it all into a workable poll. I really enjoyed seeing how differently people saw potential in the kit. Could BB run a “sale” on the next challenge so everyone can buy a kit?

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Great job on the poll, @Debra_Lynn!

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@Jane1 The poll was just done by the forum, not backed by BB. During the time we were buying though, Irelyn was on sale for a while and also they had seconds. They have such frequent sales that most kits go on sale at one time or another. I’m hoping there will be another challenge. Debra Lynn did all the work on this one out of the kindness of her heart so in order to have another one, we need Debra or someone else who wants to do the hard stuff. Anyone who wants to volunteer to run the next poll? I am too computer challenged to do it.

Wow! You ladies really met the challenge. Those are some adorable Irelyns!

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@Debra_Lynn The poll was very nice. Nice visuals, it was user friendly and the format was fantastic.


Yes Great Work on the poll :slight_smile: