Plugs and rings

plugs and rings: do you really need these. am just wondering if i can get away without them? the few i want arent in stock at the mo, im from new zealand so i would need to make another big order in order to even get them delivered. can anyone help me

Welcome to the forum! While the plus and rings aren’t absolutely necessary (as there are other ways to accomplish the same thing) there are quite a few that use them all the time, including me.

We recently had a long thread about this. I’m on my tablet and can’t move around so well or I’d post the link. You can put “plugs and rings” in the seach bar or maybe someone will be along to find it for you.

Oh, I found it!

[Plugs and neck rings, to use or not to use?] 1

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thanks. so are they just for keeping the stuffing in really. cause like i say im in new zealand and have to make at least a $40 order to get anything and their is only 2 neck plugs im after.

They hold the stuffing in plus they give stability and strength to the vinyl piece. The rings help the neck and limbs rotate more easily.

im doing paige and it says 65 for neck, 40, 34 and 20. (think those for head, arms and legs) but their is no 65mm or 40mm in stock. and not any other size similar that i might be able to just glue in if too small. so could i get away without them and just order her. the same with pearl gorilla there is too of her biggest ones that arent there either.

I use to use them but now I just glue a cardboard circle over the hole. I don’t even bother with the neck rings all the time. Pia recommended coating the indention (where the body fastens to the limbs and head) with super glue to make the area slick which allows the limbs and head to turn easily after attached. Just make darn sure the super glue is really DRY before you go attaching things! Or things will never move again, LOL,


so its just for keeping the bits in. no biggy if the head one isnt available

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Some people glue felt over the holes. If I think to order a neck ring when I order a kit I will but if I forget to, I don’t worry about it. I used plugs when I first started but not now.

They are nice but not necessary…I cut circles from plastic container lids and make them big enough to pop inside the end of the limb.If you pack your limbs tightly (I do to just above the knee and elbows with beads and then tightly pack in fibrefill) the little cap I make sits nice and tight inside the top of the rim because I cut them a wee bit bigger than the actual hole so they catch on the rim and sit snug and I just put a bit of hot glue or E6000 around the inside rim just to seal it works well and does not move…
I have never tried it but read somewhere the some ladies use clear nail polish inside the groove between the doll vinyl and flange to make it smooth so that the head turns with ease but I can not vouch for that as I have never given it a go…

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