Please watch and cheer him on!

Appreciate your positive vibes! … 1315392783
UPDATED…relisted Gemma: … 1315817603

Thank you sweet Marlen!

Thank you Mel and Christina ~ means a lot to me!

Best wishes with your auction. The babies are adorable and I love the pictures.

Thank you Sandy and V ~ I’m so happy you like them!

I’m watching both little darlings. Wishing you the best of luck. They are perfect, and I expect they’ll be snatched right up! Just wanted to add that your auctions (pictures and all) are lovely.

Thank you, Poke ~ WOW ~ you made my day, for sure!

Beautiful dolls and gorgeous listings. I really love your Gema. I am watching both,

Says 4 people an hour is watching Gemma I’m watching both babies Good Luck on tour auctions…Linda

Thank you Mary and Linda!

Best of luck on your beautiful babies!!!

Thank you, Katie!

Relisted Gemma: … 1315817603

I’m a watcher! Good luck!

Thank you, Martina!

— Begin quote from “Karen in Florida”

Thank you, Katie!

Relisted Gemma: … 1315817603

— End quote

I’m watching. Such a precious little bundle . . .

Thank you Mel and Pokes; I appreciate it!

Thank you, Maggie ~ we’ll see

Dang! Watching him again! The auction doesn’t say anything about the sculpt or you in the template this time? I thought it did before?

I soooo appreciate you hanging in there with me, Pia, your being a watcher means a lot!

Not sure what you mean about the sculpt? It’s the same auction, I just relisted it but lowered his starting price. It says “Gabriel” sculpted by Michelle Fagan…well, at least it does from here…who knows what Evilbay does when I’m not looking. ACK!!!

Here’s the link to his newly relisted auction: … 1555.l2649

Okay. It is the very bottom of the listing. I sort of look for,that at the beginning of the auction. You have been doing evilBay a lot longer than I have though.