Please pray hard for this precious baby

This is little Bentley, he is 5 months old, my daughter and I keep him, he’s been sick for a couple of weeks with pneumonia, anyway he was rushed to Childrens hospital lastnight, he has bleeding on his brain, he’s in NICU they at running test, no answers yet. He may need surgery, he is a sweet baby, please pray for him and his parents, they are very young. Uploading…


He’ll be in my prayers :heart:


How terrible! He is in my prayers.

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Oh what a shame for such a little guy. Sending prayers and hugs for him and his parents.

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Praying for this little guy…parents must be beside themselves with worry


I’m praying!!! He is such a beautiful boy!!! Poor baby:-(

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Many prayers for him!

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Hope he is okay. :heart:

Poor little man, Praying!

Ohhh…bless his sweet little heart…saying a prayer right now that
God will touch him in a special way and for guidance for
the medical staff.

Praying all goes well with this little guy.

Praying for the baby and family.

Thank you all so much!!! I’ve had a hard time with it, he’s such a sweet baby, and I’ve gotten so close to him☹️

Praying for the lil guy.

Done. What a precious little boy. What a scary thing. Prayers for him and all involved in his care.

Prayers for this sweet baby, his parents and caretakers.

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Bless him… Prayers for the precious boy and his parents!

Sending Prayers.

Praying for this sweet baby now <3

Sending prayers for him and his family.