Please help, trying to identify doll

Hi, I’m a first time reborn mum, to a gorgeous reborn. We live in NZ. Tonight on a facebook page, a couple of artists have been attempting to ID my baby. I bought her second hand, and don’t have COA or birth certificate. She looks a lot like the bountiful baby “Avery” but has a rouleft.nder chin, with a wee c nder



She is 20 inches long, and has 054 stamped on her left arm.

She looks a lot like BBs Jaden by Aleina Peterson. Never had the kit in real life but from the stock images of jaden it looks dead on.

I just looked again and she HAS to be jaden, hope this helps you.

Thank you very much Sierra. Just curious, would you or anyone else know how many jaden kits were released? Gabby is 054.

I’m not too sure about how many are/were released. Some of the ladies on here may be able to help you with that. Since Jaden isn’t a limited edition kit and they keep her restocked I’m sure the number is just an identifier to the sculpt and not the specific kit that you have. However I may be wrong.


Jaden is not a limited edition and is still available as a kit from BB. The number 54 is for identification and not “her” number. Congratulations on being a new Mommy.

Edition numbers are traditionally written like this: 345/1000 meaning number 345 out of 1000 produced. This is true whether you are buying a doll or a limited edition sculpture or print etc. The lower numbers are considered the best because there has been little wear and tear on the mold or the screen or whatever was used.

@honojane: You would think that is how the edition numbers are done but in actuality, there is no correlation between the certificate number and when that particular kit gets pulled from the mold. When they are shipped from the factory to the sculptor (or distributor), the heads all come in one (or more) boxe(es) and the limbs are also shipped separately. The pieces are inspected for defects and at that point, the kits are assembled with one head, 2 arms, and 2 legs.

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@mcnair6 Thanks. I was presenting info I learned in another medium so appologies to all. I appreciate the correction. It is true for artists editions of many things. :smile:

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