Please help! rooting issues!

I am rooting a nod doll and right on the hairline of the forehead you can see the needle marks sooo bad I am using a 42 not only can you see the holes but each hole looks blue grey!! I have no clue whats happening the rest of the hair on the head turned out great…I tried pulling it out and painting but it looks terrible… Is there any way to fill the holes??? PLEASE HELP A GIRL OUT!!! This is just my second baby and I was really happy about until this happened Thanks ladies

ARE THE NEEDLES OILED ? Are you sure that you didn’t get any paint with out noticeing it. I know I did on her leg now she looks like she has bruises on her leg because I didn’t catch it in time. I’m not sure if the needles being oiled has anything to do with it .

The needles are not oiled and it was no where near blue or grey paint… the kit itself was very grey when I got it…I am not sure if maybe its just that showing though I just have no clue what to do

can you email B.B. customer service and tell what happened and ask them what you can do to fix the problems? Maybe even send a picture also, showing what you are talking about.

Well seeing the holes csan be taken care of by putting the head in really hot water to shrink the holes.

You say you are using a 42 needle…but what kind? How many barbs does it have? If it has more than 1 barb or maybe 3 then that is an issue for sure.
Did you put any kind of blue shading or washing around your eyes and on the forehead that might be what is coming up now?
As for the holes the only thing I can say is exactly what was just said about heat…and quick cooling.
I did save a head once with sculpy layer to cover my holes. It was like my second or third doll and didn’t know you couldn’t do that! LOL It worked really well, but they may have just been a real fluke.
Good luck and let us all know how it turns out. You may be able to teach us all something new.

Thank you all sooo much for the wonderful advice!!! I will make sure to let you all know how it works out

I have had this happen to me before and stopped immediately and changed my needle. The hot water will help seal the holes. Hope things work out.

I would say, from experience, that the color is from the needle. The only way I know to get rid of the holes is what was mentioned–by heating the vinyl. I have been reborning for 8 years and have NEVER had as much trouble rooting as I have had these last few months. I have mohair from 4 different sources, three different types of needles and the hair just doesn’t want to go in.

Again Thank You all so much right now I have tried heating and repainting the holes look much smaller but the blue actually looks worse… Glued on hat anyone Just kidding I will figure something out I will probably just have to root darker and longer than planning…