Please help me find a kit!

I’m looking for a kit that is preferably at the very least a 3-6 month sized baby. The only downside is I need a sleeping baby! I do not like Arianna.

On a side note, is there any way to close eyes on a kit? Like add sculptey over top of an eye?

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I wouldn’t recommend trying to close the eyes with Sculpey. There are a lot of big sleepers available.

Easton is a big sleeper baby. I haven’t made Landon but I think he is pretty big as well.
Some other big sleepers: Teagan Eagles, Evelyn Brace, Ivy Jane Hess.

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I second Tegan…and she is only $60 right now at MacPherson

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Any sleepers bigger than tegan?

Sweet Pea Asleep is 23”

23" is 3-6 month size.

Hailey is a huge sleeper and she’s on sale.

@alissameagher 26" is 9 mth size.

OOPS I see you don’t like her, but she is cute!

I see that somebody mentioned the Hailey kit. She’s an adorable sleeping toddler. (Think 18 months) Here is a side by side comparison with the realborn Ana sleeping kit.

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Ivy Jane is the baby I sold and wish I hadn’t. She’s a pretty good size and wore 3-6 months clothes. She’s just the right amount of chubby. Hailey’s gigantic. I bought Arianna limbs for mine because I think the ones that come with her are too big for my liking and make it harder to dress her.