Please help me choose between 3 kits

Okay … I just posted about how kits are getting more expensive … I have 3 kits on pre order … please help choose one … I can’t do it myself :weary:
Levi by Bonnie Brown
Ethan by Nicole Russel
Lil’ Teasure by Laura Lee Eagles
Please help !!!


Levi or Ethan, Levi is Cheaper… :slight_smile:

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Levi… :heart:

He’s cheapest on $105.00 is the full price

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All :grin: I know I’m a lost case



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I say Ethan or Levi. I like both of them

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Levi :heart:

You girls seems To like Levi a lot , Hun !?? Just like me hahah :slight_smile:

I like Ethan the best. Such a sweet face.

Levi :heart_eyes: